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Solex 40PI Porsche 911 fully restored
1961 Alvis TD21 SU HD's with Thermo fully restored
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Lamborghini Esparda Weber 40 DCOE fully restored

Coln Engineering Provides Carburettor Restoration Services in Gloucester


Carburettor Restoration Process 

Coln Engineering Ltd offers a wide range of carburettor renovation services for all makes and sizes, as well as all levels of service. Pretty much anything can be restored, depending on how much time and effort is put into it.

We understand the financial implications of that statement, therefore we will discuss your plans and provide you with first-class carburettor restoration services.

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Step 1 - Assess and discuss

The first step is to determine what it is, what the possible faults are if any, what replacement parts are available and how much they cost. We then call you and provide you with a quote based on our recommendations and your requirements.

Step 2 - Strip down and photograph

The next step is to strip down the carb to its component parts and, as standard, gently clean the individual components in our ultrasonic cleaner. All the channels are then cleared to ensure correct operation.

Step 3 - Vapour blast

Next we vapour blast the body components to bring them back to a new condition. We give it a good rinse out and blow through all the channels again.

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Step 4 - Plate linkages

Plated aluminium or steel external components with a variety of finishes is an optional service that we will discuss with you.

Step 5 - Re-assembly

All the components are then reassembled with a new set of gaskets, diaphragms, jets, floats and valves plus repaired parts. We will let you know if the butterfly bushes are worn and require replacing. 

Step 6 - Final set-up

During assembly, we set the float levels, set the idle mixture, and idle speed, and then test for leaks and problems, so that when you first fit the carburettor to your bike or car it will start the first time.


How our car restoration services work

Get an estimate

Fill out the form by clicking the estimate request button. We'll create a customised estimate that we'll do our best to work to. For accuracy, makes, models, years and conditions plus upload photos all help in understanding the work needed.

Getting them to us

Posting your carburettor to us is by far the simplest way to use our service. With parcel force, the cost starts at around £11.

If you choose this option, please take the following steps.

  1. Please call, text, or email us to let us know what you're sending us, the tracking number, and the estimated arrival date (normally 48hrs)

  2. Send your carb in a cardboard box with plenty of padding to our address (Coln Engineering, Unit 3 Alma Terrace, Bristol Road, Gloucester GL1 5PY).

  3. Put a message in the box with your name, address, and phone number, as well as the model and year of manufacture of the car/motorcycle. This is required to ensure correct jets and setup.

Turn around times and payment 

Standard carburettors take around 4 weeks. This enables us to order and receive repair kits and complete the work. If the carburettor is rare or needs extensive repair this can take longer to complete the work and or procure spare parts, but we'll let you know as part of the quote.

You can pay by cash, credit card or bank transfer. We ship once payment is received.


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Excellent service and carburettor returned looking like new. Great communication too. Recommended engineering company for overhauling your chassis carburettor if you want it looking like new.

Roger W. - 03/2022


Coln Engineering Ltd is based in Gloucester but covers all the UK. We provide all aspects of carburettor services including carburettor refurbishment, repairs and restoration. If you need expert engineers to take care of your car, call us today on 07791 778328 or 07831 850383