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Coln Engineering Ltd Offers Professional Carbs Cleaning in Gloucester

Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting or aqua blasting is similar to dry blasting in so much that it uses compressed air to accelerate the media onto the component being treated. Vapour blasting differs from other cleaning methods in that it uses water mixed with the medium to lubricate the cleaning operation. This allows for cleaning with almost no impact on the material substrate, making it ideal for restoring car and motorcycle components.

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Clean engine

Which media is used?

Here at Coln Engineering, we use a very fine (100-150) glass media. When dry it has a consistency slightly more course than bicarbonate of soda. When mixed with water the action is extremely gentle on soft material components. Aluminium/ alloys and plastics used on motorcycles and carburettors can be brought back to almost new condition.

What can be cleaned/pricing

Many items can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning including carburettors, fuel injectors, oil coolers and multiple other components.

We can attempt to recover fuel injectors including the diesel injectors suffering from the Black Death. Don't settle for an expensive replacement. Try us first, ship us your injectors and we'll clean them and return them the same day. Set of 4 for £35 plus VAT and shipping.

We can ultrasonically clean items from £20.  

A set of 4 motorcycle carbs can be stripped, ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled for £280 including parts.

Dry Blasting

Dry blasting is the process of accelerating media onto a component in order to remove dirt, rust, scaling, paint or any other contaminant. Here at Coln Engineering, we offer professional carbs cleaning services. We use vacuum blasting in a one-meter cube chamber. This keeps the media inside the chamber in a closed-loop system.

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dry carburettor cleaning

Which media is used?

Many different media can be used depending on the finish required and the type of material being restored. Chilled iron, plastic beads, sand, glass and aluminium oxide are a few examples.
As we have the benefit of an aqua blaster, we tend to use our dry blaster for steel and iron components only, so use a very fine chilled iron (G05). This is perfect for cleaning many small automotive components effectively and without causing damage. 
Occasionally we may use a more coarse media for deep rust or removal of powder coat.

What can be cleaned?

Most motorcycle frames up to 1200 mm in length can be fitted in our cabinet. All moving parts should be removed, or the media will clog them. Swinging arms must be removed prior to the shot blasting.

Ultrasonic Cleaning 

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses ultrasound (usually from 20–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solvent (sometimes ordinary tap water) to clean items. 
Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber, and ceramics. This action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses. The intention is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination by tightly adhering or embedding them onto solid surfaces.

Here at Coln Engineering, we use the process as the first step in our carburettor restoration service and provide professional carbs cleaning services based on your needs.

gearbox cleaning
gearbox cleaning services

What can be cleaned?

Many items can benefit from ultrasonic cleaning including carburettors, fuel injectors, oil coolers and multiple other components. We offer professional carbs cleaning services and can fit a bank of 4 motorcycle carbs in our tank.

What can be vapour blasted?

Pretty much anything can be vapour blasted. It is particularly good for restoring plastics and soft metals such as aluminium, brass and other soft alloys. It can be used on steel also when a gentle and careful restoration is required.


Pricing:  We charge £55 per hour.  A carburettor already stripped takes under an hour, a small motorcycle engine consisting of an air-cooled head, barrel and crankcase sides takes about 3 hours. If parts are particularly greasy then it can take longer. A big V twin with multiple covers can take up to 8 hours.

The powerful engine of the modern car

Excellent service. Great communication and completed the job quickly. These guys know what they're doing - refurbished our old, rare and tricky carburettor on our classic car and it's like new!
Recommend these guys.

Rebecca - 10/2019

Coln Engineering Ltd is a professional car and motorcycle parts cleaner in Gloucester offering vapour basting, dry blasting and ultrasonic washing for your vehicle's components.

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